30 Days: Day 10: Most Embarrassing Moment

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Here’s the thing, I’m generally an awkward, embarrassing person. I’m sure I embarrass myself on a daily basis, I just don’t ever remember what I do. With that said I have a moment in mind. I can’t say it’s my most embarrassing (because quite frankly I can’t remember much of it), but it’s definitely embarrassing enough.

Everyone has these lovely things called wisdom teeth. Now don’t go getting too excited, they don’t give you any wisdom whatsoever. Just pain. Pain and annoyance and it costs a fortune to remove them. But mine were growing in and they were pushing my teeth and causing me pain and they needed to be removed. I was not going to have any of that laughing gas nonsense. No, if they were going to take these things out they were going to have to “knock me out,” or at least make it to where I was not awake while they dislocate my poor little jaw (did you know they did that, because I sure didn’t before the surgery).

Surgery day comes and everything is fine. I start freaking out a little when they put a breathing tube through my nose. It’s not comfortable and I think they’re trying to drug me through there (I was just a tad paranoid). After them sticking the IV in my hand I don’t remember much. In fact, most of what I’m going to say is what people told me or what I saw on a video that was recorded (which will NOT be making an appearance any time soon). When I was getting into the car I hit my head on the door frame. The nurse told my mom that I wouldn’t remember that and my mom said “she doesn’t even know who she is.” Wrong thing to say mom. She found me in the car crying then asked what was wrong. “I do know who I am!” (That should be an indication to you how totally out of it I was.) Apparently during the drive home my mom could not stop laughing. I was saying things like “this car is stupid and likes me better because it listens to me” and “they didn’t take my teeth out mom, you need to go back because they stole your money and just stabbed my gums and put a balloon in my mouth.” When I was inside the house I sat on the couch for a while. Something about scissors came up and I told my mom not to give them to me because my face was numb. I also complained about my mom leaving me in the surgery room by myself. I definitely repeated a lot of things, probably because I couldn’t remember that I had already said them.

Then I had the bright idea of skyping my friend. She was leaving on her mission the next day and I wanted to see her. Thankfully we talked a little before my surgery, so she got to hear me sane. So there I am, laying in my bed on skype, going crazy. I would not shut up. I honestly don’t know what I told her because she told me a little after the craziness of the drugs wore off, but I was still very forgetful. What I do know is that I got upset about a lot of things. Not angry, just frustrated. And then her siblings appear on the screen and watch me go crazy. The family I have to go see again because some of my stuff is at their house. At least I made their day better I guess. What I actually talked about I have no idea, I guess only they know.

After that skype call that lasted for I don’t know how long I ate yogurt and took a nap. The craziness was gone and there was just a lot of pain.

I knew I would be crazy on drugs, I just didn’t know I’d come up with psychotic notions. The funny thing is I remember thinking I was totally in control and that I was only slightly crazier than normal on drugs. But somewhere in the back of my mind I was screaming at myself to shut up. That little voice was my sanity and knew what was best for me and I ignored it. So there you have it, my wisdom teeth story. Most embarrassing? Probably not. But I sure was crazy.


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