A Series of Unfortunate (and Fortunate) Events

The last few weeks of the Spring Term have been anything but relaxing. With papers to write, presentations to prepared, and saying goodbye to roommates and friends it has been full of business. I’m not complaining though, staying for the Spring Term was really good for me in so many ways and I’m really glad I decided to do it. I have been so blessed the past few months.

I’m going to now tell you the tale of my past few days. You know when you really need things to go right and they just don’t? Try having that happen over and over and over and over and over again and that pretty much sums up my past few days. That’s not to say things didn’t go right, in the end I was able to pack all of my things in storage, take my exams, and get on the plane. The journey to get to that point wasn’t an easy one though. Let’s start from Tuesday. My knee was feeling a lot better and I was glad to be done with classes. (Tangent time. For those of you who didn’t know I popped my knee out again on Saturday when I was hanging out with my friend Kelsey. No worries, I’m totally fine. It’s happened before and I’m sure it’ll happen again. Life goes on. (The whole getting injured thing makes a really funny video.)) I decided that I would get in a few office hours at work before I headed back to Florida. I could do all of my studying in the evening (I really didn’t have that much) and make some extra money. And who doesn’t like making money? I wake up early so I can begin to pack things before work so that when I get off I would be able to take it down to my storage unit. I would be crunched for time going so I had to make sure I was all prepared. I went to work for four hours, came back, and began loading everything out to the curb. I am so blessed to have such amazing FHE (Family Home Evening) brothers who came to help me move all of my stuff out. I think we got all of my stuff (which was a lot) out and onto the curb in under 15 minutes. My FHE brother Hunter helped us load the rental truck and offered to meet us at the storage place to help us unload. I felt so blessed and so lucky that I was going to cry. I would get all of this moving done in less time than I had thought and with less stress! WRONG. If this thought of “things are going way better than I ever imagined” comes into your mind when you are packing and moving CHANGE IT. THINGS WILL GO WRONG. (Okay, not always. But still. I mean, have you ever had an experience where you packed and moved and everything went perfectly?) As we get to the storage we find out that they closed the entire street down, the street where our storage unit was located. I wouldn’t be able to move my stuff in and I’d have to load it all back into the apartment. (I hope the person that knocked down the power pole with their car is okay though. I mean, that could have been me. This still does not make me any happier about the inconvenience). Insert freak out moment here. I had just wasted time and money renting this car to move my stuff only to have to move it all back to my apartment and try again. I’m so lucky my roommates Leilani and Melanie are so amazing. I unloaded the truck and they brought everything inside while I brought the car back where I rented it. After that we went to The Brick Oven for my “birthday” dinner (did you know you get free chocolate moose on your birthday?) and we discussed what we were going to do. My plan was to rent the car in the morning before I went to take my exams. I study a little bit for my American Literature History exam, but it’s not as much time as I would have liked. When I got into my bed I crashed.

Cue Wednesday! I wake up early so that I can move my stuff to the storage unit. The guy who owns the place said he would meet us there a half hour earlier than he opens so we could move the stuff in and I could take my exams. As I take the first round of stuff out to the curb I see the truck I had planned to rent drive by. My heart sank. I run inside and check the website to see if I was just seeing things. I wasn’t. The car was rented until 10 AM, which would be too late for me to start packing and still have time to take my exams. And I didn’t have enough time to take my exams before then. I pretty much have a minor break down. I was tired and stressed and I felt like everything was working against me to make sure I’d be trapped in the Utah bubble for the rest of my life. I call my dad and start to breakdown crying (don’t judge me, I was under a lot of stress and pressure and my plans were all crashing and burning). He calmed me down and we made a plan and many alternative plans. With the luck I was having I would need them. If it weren’t for our family friend Shaun and my good friend Savannah I probably would have collapsed on the floor and died or gone into a stress induced coma. After about an hour of trying to figure things out and trying to get all of my cleaning done to move out we had a plan that was pretty solid. I went to go take my first final which only took me two hours instead of three (such a blessing). After that Savannah was able to come with her truck and drive me to the storage unit. She used her magic powers to make everything fit. I honestly can’t begin to explain how much she saved my life. I mean, I had to get my stuff in storage and I was running out of options. We packed everything in good time and I was able to get some cleaning in before I went off to take my last final exam (it was having a conversation in ASL so I didn’t really have anything to study). After that I stopped by the office and said “bye” to my co-workers then went off to my apartment. It took an hour to get my suitcase packed and to check-out. That was a little frustrating, but it all worked out so I’m not going to complain too much. I got to my friend Kelsey’s house and she helped me move some of my stuff into her garage and weigh my suitcase (have I said how much I hate airline weight restrictions, ’cause I do). It was a very interesting experience. I’ll have to say that I’m pretty pro at making things fit onto a carry-on so I can bring the most amount of stuff possible on a plane with me. After doing our last dance together on Just Dance we began our drive to the airport. While we drove there I fed Kelsey her In-N-Out fries and we talked for what would be the last time for two years (at least the last time we talk in person). Bless the woman who was working at the bag check-in. My bag was 51.5 but she said it was the right weight. Seriously, this woman deserves chocolate or something because she made my life easier (and so does the man who owns my storage unit, he needs chocolate for being amazing). I think it took Kelsey and I about 30 minutes to say goodbye. It was super hard knowing that I won’t see her again for two years. It’s okay though, I know she’s going to be a kick butt missionary. I’ll admit that I even cried (and I don’t usually cry in public). I’m so thankful the lines at security were nonexistent and that I made my flight on time.

I’m super excited to go home and see my family and friends again. Six months is a long time not to be around my family, especially since I’m really close to mine and a lot of my extended family lives close. Even though the past few days were super stressful and it felt like everything that could go wrong did, I’m grateful for them. I was reminded of just how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life who are willing to help me out and be there for me. In the end everything got done, and that’s all I care about. The road to get their was rough, but I was able to gain so much from it. So here’s a thanks to everyone. If I know you or have met you, you have helped me in some way in my life. I’m grateful to you for being you and being truly amazing. You’re a blessing in my life.


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