Like the Good Ol’ Days

This weekend I got to hang out with one of my childhood friends. One night we got to talking and reminisced about when we were younger and all of the crazy, dorky things we used to do. So I’m going to make a little list of things we used to do that I miss and sometimes we wish we could do again. I mean, I don’t really want to go back and relive life, but sometimes I wish I could visit moments in my life for a little bit.

1. Making slideshows: When we’d have sleepovers we’d make powerpoint slideshows with inside jokes and what not on them.

2. Playing computer games: I mean, I still play them, but my childhood was the golden age of computer games for me. I played so many random ones all of the time. My friends even played them. We’d spend hours playing them together. This was when you had to actually be in the same room to play games with one another. Some of these games include Life, Babyz, Dogz, Rollercoaster Tycoon, various Barbie games, Sims, Kidpix, etc. (really, there are way too many to simply name).

3. Making up dances: Just in case you didn’t know, I was a competitive dancer. I danced for about eleven years. So naturally we would make up choreography to different songs in our downtime at the studio (there was a lot of the while you waited for your routines to be rehearsed). Those were fun times. We didn’t really care and we thought we were so cool and talented. It was just so much fun! At that age the future was a huge canvas of possibilities.

4. Playstation and Nintendo: I mean the originals of each. The first Playstation and the NES (I’m pretty sure it was a NES. I was like four so cut me some slack). I’d play games with my dad on this thing all of the time. It was great. We’d play Mario, the duck shooting game, Spyro, NBA, SSX Tricky, Crazy Taxi, etc.. So many good times with these systems, especially with my dad. And I still continued the love even after he stopped playing with me (I think he stopped because I was winning all of the time).

5. My playhouse: Now before you go thinking about how awesome your playhouse was let me assure you that mine was way better. I don’t have any pictures on my computer of it, but I assure you it was like the best one out there (unless you’re a rich child and had a mini-mansion constructed for you). My house was what you would now call a studio apartment (minus a bathroom). I had steps up to the porch and the front door. The front door opened to my kitchen table and kitchen. I had a little bed for my baby doll Ally and my teddy bear Teddy (I was really original with my names). I would make mud pies and garnish all of my foods with grass. The weeds provided me with beautiful center pieces for my table. I had Teddy and Ally’s birthday celebrations in that house. The best thing about that house was that my Abuelo made it for me. Not only was that house pretty much the best thing ever (I mean, it even had windows), but it was built with love just for me.

6. Hanging out with family every day: My mom would stay at home with me during the day and then she would take me to my Abuela’s house for an hour until my dad came to pick me up while my mom was at work. I was always with my family. There are so many little things I remember about this time. The food, the fun, the games. I was so blessed to grow up with my family so close and never having to go to daycare (because I doubt they cooked rice and beans like my Abuela did for me).

7. Sleepovers: I’m aware I can have sleepovers now, but back then they were like a huge thing. Going to someone’s house and spending the night. It had to be planned out which meant you had to usually wait for these occasions the whole week. It would pretty much be the coolest thing to have a friend over or to be over at a friend’s house. Sleepovers are almost magical when you’re younger.

8. Elementary School: This place had naptime. I mean really, what’s better than naptime and recess (not that I really napped during nap time, but whatever). I missed the simplicity of it all. You were friends with people because you enjoyed being with them. There weren’t any labels. The biggest drama was when you got hit by a playground ball in dodge ball or someone used your crayons. You stayed in one classroom with one set of kids who all became your friends. There wasn’t really any judging. Maybe I’m romanticizing things a bit, but I really enjoyed Elementary School.

9. Lunchtime: At school you’d all have a set lunchtime. Everyone would eat lunch for this space in time. In college this doesn’t exist. You eat lunch whenever you want. Which I guess is nice because it allows freedom and whatnot, but it can also lead to loneliness. Not everyone has the same schedule so you eat lunch at a different time. You have to know people’s schedules and arrange to eat lunch with them where as before all you had to do is find where they sit. Don’t get me wrong, I love college and the freedom of my schedule, but I miss being able to eat lunch with all of my friends.

10. Disney: Having a mom who worked for Disney was pretty much the best thing ever. Free Disney passes, discounts in the parks, merchandise, discounted hotel stays, and tickets to try out the new attractions and hotels. Like I said, best thing EVER. I remember every year we went to a different Disney hotel for my birthday and would spend a few days at the parks. I got to do so many cool things inside the parks. So pretty much, my childhood was more magical than yours. Not really. But I was seriously lucky. When I think of Disney I think of childhood. Disney WAS my childhood. It’s where I went with my family every year, it’s where I learned to love magic, it’s the songs I would always sing, the movies I would always watch. I can’t put into words how many wonderful memories I have of this place. And most of those memories are with my family. I have the cliche Disney commercial memories they always talk about people making with their families. When I have children of my own they WILL love Disney. I’ll make them watch the movies and everything. Disney is magic. I don’t care if they’re a big cooperation who’s out for money or whatever, that doesn’t change what the place means to little kids.

Now you know a little bit more about my childhood. Probably more than you wanted to know. Doesn’t matter. There are plenty of other memories I have from my childhood, but if I were to write them all down they would probably take up as much page space as the Harry Potter serious (with less darkness and more magic). I’m so grateful that I had such a wonderful childhood with a great family and good friends that made it special. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything in the world.


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