The Ramen Misconception

Who doesn’t like to talk about food? Food is one of my favorite subjects. Today I feel the need to crack this urban myth right open. The myth being that pretty much all college kids eat it Ramen (and maybe Pop-tarts). Why do people think that? Well, Ramen is a cheap food to buy, right? So that must mean that college kids eat it a lot. I’m here to inform you that this is not true. In fact, I’m a college student who has never had Ramen. Ever. It just looks so unappetizing. I’m convinced there are cheaper alternatives that taste better and are maybe a little better for you. I don’t even want to think about why Ramen is so cheap. Just imagine those yummy, trans-saturated and saturated fats swirling around in that Ramen. Yeah, now you see my point (and you also realize that I may have actually just used something from my Physical Science class). The question now stands, if we don’t eat Ramen then what do we eat?

Quesadillas. That’s right folks, we go Mexican. I mean, think about how simple quesadillas really are. Tortilla and cheese. That’s it. That’s all you need to make these delicious little wonders. I suppose you could get fancy and throw some beans or salsa or chicken in there, but the heart of the meal is in the tortilla and cheese. I’ve found that I make quesadillas for a meal at least three times a week. That’s a lot. Same with my roommates. We either make nachos or quesadillas. They’re simple, they’re easy, and they taste pretty dang good. There are even two ways to make these tasty little things! You can cook them on the stove or in the microwave, whichever floats your boat. This makes them the perfect college kid staple. So next time you see Top Ramen or Cup Noodles on the shelf and think college kids, just don’t. Or maybe don’t think me. Because I’m sure there are college kids out there who do eat that stuff and I’m sure they are wonderful people. But seriously, the average college kid has evolved over the years. We are getting creative with our culinary cuisine. Who knows what will be the next staple food. Maybe we’ll start getting fancy and cook fried chicken. Or maybe we’ll take the breakfast for dinner route. The possibilities are endless.


DISCLAIMER: I love those people out there who eat Ramen. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’m sure they are living great lives and are set to do great things in the world. I’m just saying that Ramen isn’t all everyone eats. Think twice before stereotyping all of us college kids into the “Ramen only” category.


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