A Change In the Weather

I thought I was being totally creative with my title until I realized it’s from a song and maybe I’m not as clever as I once believed. No matter, the title is still true. Things are heating up here in Provo. And by heating up I mean the weather, not the drama. For the last few months my blog was kind of dedicated to this project I had to do for my Book of Mormon class, but I’d really like to get back into posting about life. (Want to read the posts in my assignment? CLICK HERE)

Here’s a short recap of what’s been going on.

I finished up my first year at BYU back in April. Almost a month ago. Wow, time really does fly. I decided to stay in the good ol’ Provo bubble to attend a spring term at BYU. Some new things in my life? I now live in New Heritage and the apartment really is great and spacious (for those of you who don’t know, the buildings are referred to as the great and spacious building). It’s definitely different than living in the dorms. I still share a room, but now I have to cook for myself. That’s right, no more meal plan for me. Instead I get to eat gourmet food like hotdogs and mac&cheese. So basically I’ve moved up in the world by moving down in food quality. Although I do miss not having to cook I do really enjoy being able to stay in my apartment to eat. Most of the time I eat in my pajamas or sweats. It’s great. And no one judges me as the girl who looks like a bum (because I feel like A LOT of girls here try hard to look their best everyday which is a good thing, but at the same time I like my sweats). I also like not having to store my snack foods under my bed, like I had to at the dorms. Don’t get my wrong, I loved living in the dorms and I think it was really the place I needed to be for my first year at BYU. But after about nine months of cafeteria food I was ready to move on.

Another change is that I am now, officially, a working woman! That’s right, I’m now working my first job. I’m a Peer Mentor which means I get to work with incoming freshmen to make their first year the best it can be. Right now I’m focusing on working on phone certifications (which I’ll be done with this Monday). Once I’m all certified I get to do spring trainings, answer the phones, and work on preparing for the group of freshman I’ll be given in the Fall. I’m a little nervous to be in charge of making a group of 70+ students have the best year at BYU they can, especially since I JUST finished my freshman year and I feel like all of the other mentors have another year or two under their belt. But I’m excited for the challenge. One thing that I LOVE about my job is the feeling that I’m actually doing something with my life. When I was job hunting it was between being a Peer Mentor and working at BYU’s Call Center. As I was walking over to apply at the Call Center I got an email on my phone saying I was offered the job as a Peer Mentor. I didn’t make it to the Call Center that day. I feel like my job isn’t just one of those where you answer phones in the office (even though I do that too), but it’s a job where I get to try and make a difference, where I get to be there for someone and try to make their life a little easier. It’s great. I love it so much and I just can’t wait (if that wasn’t clear through my ramblings).

THE WEATHER. That’s a big change. This is my first spring where flowers actually come back to life and birds begin to sing again. It’s strange. And the amount of pollen in the air makes me sick. But I’m enjoying it. It’s always nice outside, and it’s even been hot a few days. Nothing like Florida with the humidity. Way nicer than Florida because you don’t break out in sweat as soon as you walk out the door.

There are more changes like a new ward, new roommates, new classes, etc. but if I tried to talk about those all I’d go blue in the face and probably bore some people to tears. Plus my fingers might fall off from typing, and I’d like to keep my fingers so I can pass my ASL class.

I plan on working on answering a question on my list of 30 soon, but I’ve recently been swamped in school work.


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