Being Better, Not Bitter

Intro Post

We all deal with the problems in our lives differently. Some confront the problems head on, some run away, some write a song about it, some write about them. The point is, is that we’re all different. We all have our different problems and we all deal with them in different ways. Each trial we’re given is a test of our character, a chance to see how we truly are. In times of adversity some of us stand up strong and some of us fall down. If we’re among those who fall down does that mean we’re weak? No, it just means it’s something we have to work on. To stand in the face of adversity is a hard thing to do. Definitely easier said than done. But not impossible. Trials can either make is bitter or better. The trials that make us bitter are those were we only focus on ourselves (like the ‘i’ in “bitter”). When we focus on just ourselves our perspective becomes narrow and we aren’t able to see the good that life has to offer. We have to remember to see the bright side, to keep pushing through. In Alma, Moroni sends an epistle to Pahoran pretty much accusing Pahoran of being a traitor to his nation. Instead of Pahoran taking revenge against the false accusations he focused instead on the safety of his people and their freedom. By turning his heart to the service of others Pahoran was able to stand strong against his trial.

“And now, Moroni, I do joy in receiving your epistle, for I was somewhat worried concerning what we should do, whether it should be just in us to go against our brethren.” Alma 61:19

Let us be like Pahoran and not fall bitter when amidst a trial, but instead grow better from it.

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