Missionary Week: Day 5

It’s P-day! That means Preparation Day just in case you were wondering. Or pants day, as I’m referring to it today. My week of wearing skirts in the cold has come to an end. How do I feel about it? Well, I was kind of running low on my skirt options so pretty good. I’m amazed I was able to assemble as many cute outfits as I did. I believe the key to be cardigans. Tons and tons of cardigans and staple shirts. Layering is a great way to change up an outfit so you don’t look like you only have one skirt. It means I don’t have to buy as many skirts, which are usually more than cardigans.

On this lovely day I decided that my missionary experience would end after a lovely evening nap. The night was full of food, fancy forts, the Goonies, and sleeping on the floor. We decided to make a fort out of blankets in Elizabeth and Kate’s room. I think it turned out really nice and totally awesome. You can’t beat a fort with Christmas lights on it. Then we gathered in our tiny fort and watched the Goonies. I had to save us with my fan because we were dying of heat. Blankets don’t really breathe well. After the movie everyone went to their rooms except for Kelsey and I. We stayed in the fort with Elizabeth while Kate slept in her bed. Let me tell you, the floors in the dorms are HARD. Plus, Kelsey and I were contorted in weird ways thanks to the construction of the fort. Not the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten, but it was fun. It was definitely a great ending to a great week.

Our lovely fort made out of blankets, ski poles, and a mattress. The sign says “This is Sparta” and the flag says “Fort Awesome.” We’re such cool college kids.


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