There Goes the Sun (doo doo doo doo)

As we approach winter I’m noticing the sun is slowly disappearing. It’s still there and all, I just can’t see it. I guess that’s what happens in cold states. The sun decides it doesn’t want to show its face anymore. Which makes it colder. Which kind of blows. I’m not freezing yet though. I really enjoy this weather. It gives me an excuse to wear cardigans and big, comfy jackets. Along with sweat pants. I also love spending time outside. Whenever I have reading assignments I do them outside. It’s too gorgeous NOT to be outside.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks I haven’t written. To try and talk about it all would be like writing a novel (not really, but still). Lots of typing and racking my brain. So instead of getting too caught up in past events I’m going to move on. I will mention some highlights though.

1. The announcement at General Conference about the lowering of ages to go on missions. This definitely has me rethinking my future.

2. Having a home cooked meal at my friend Kelsey’s house. It was super nice of her to invite me over to spend General Conference with her family and some of my friends. It was nice to be in an actual house as opposed to a dorm room or apartment. Plus, I’m tired of Cannon Center food. It’s nice to have a change of pace.

3. Singing my rendition of Taylor, the Latte Boy. When our ward had a variety show and Jessica said no one signed up I said “why not” and went for it. I wrote Nephi, the Mormon Boy the morning of the show then got to perform it. I’m glad other people find me humorous and it’s not all in my mind. Plus, it was a lot of fun to be over dramatic and get into character.

4. Carving my first pumpkin. Of course we would carve pumpkins when I was younger, but it’s different. This one was all me. I had to gut it and all. The design really didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but whatever. I think it turned out decent for being cut with cheap kitchen knives.

5. Eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They shut down the one near my house so I haven’t had them in FOREVER. I had my first “hot now” doughnut along with my first pumpkin spice. Those things are divine and heavenly. No person should live their life without trying one. They bring nothing but pure joy. One simply eats themselves away to bliss, forgetting about the calories or how many grams of sugar they are taking in. It doesn’t matter. Those doughnuts are beyond worth it.

6. Swing dancing. Even though I’m all kinds of bad at it, it’s still fun.

7. Waltz mock competition. This probably came before everything else, but whatever. I danced with Aaron, a guy I’ve never really danced with before. His partner didn’t show up and I shared my partner with someone else. Oh, and before the dance competition he slid off of his motorized scooter under a car to avoid running into it when it short stopped. All of that considered, we did pretty flipping amazing. We made it three rounds into the competition. Accomplishment major.

8. Hanging out with my ward. I’m so blessed to have a great ward. I feel like I can talk to pretty much anyone in the ward. I love our bonding nights on Sunday where we bake sweets and play games. It’s great.

9. Singing at devotional with Women’s Chorus. It was such a great experience, to sing to that many people. We sang “Amazing Grace” A Capella. I was so glad to be able to feel the spirit strongly and share that moment with a ton of lovely girls. Sister Applonie seriously makes my day.

Among these wonderful things (and all of the other things I didn’t mention) I think the best thing about my time here at BYU is the testimony I’m gaining. It’s amazing how much you can grow out here and feel the spirit. It’s so comforting to have the gospel surrounding my life. Even though I don’t know the answers to everything and I go through some rough times I always feel this peace. This comfort and confidence in what I do. I wish everyone got the chance to feel this, because it’s truly spectacular. It’s one of the reasons I’m grateful for missionaries. They dedicate their lives, at a time where they could be pursuing a relationship or their studies, in order to teach the gospel to those who have yet to hear it. I’m glad I get the choice of whether to serve a mission or not and I can’t wait to see where life takes me.


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