Going to Prison

Let me make this clear from the beginning; I didn’t really go to prison. By prison I’m referring to the testing center. To me it looks like a prison building, and if feels like prison and death inside.

See, it totally looks like a prison! I don’t think anyone is really happy walking into this building.

Yesterday I had my first experience testing in this lovely little building. It wasn’t my first college exam, I’ve had a few of those. The thing is, I have some pretty small classes. I’ve had an exam in the Book of Mormon, English, and ASL classes already, we just took them in class. American Heritage is the only class I have to enter this building for. The nice thing about college exams is you get to choose when you take them. The bad thing is you get to choose when you take them. I know, I just said that it’s a good and bad thing. It really is. While you are able to take them of your own free will you also have to deal with the stress of blocking out time in your schedule and determining if you’re ready. Then there’s the whole idea of paying to take the test later and if you’re into that whole thing. I honestly don’t want to pay money to take a test. I would rather buy a cookie or shoes with that money. But I guess I would if I honestly felt that one more day of studying would help me do better.

Back to the matter at hand, my American Heritage test. I don’t think I’ve ever studied so much for a test in my life. I’ll admit, in high school I did little to no studying and pulled off decent grades. It wasn’t hard. If you paid attention in class you were pretty golden. In college it’s a little different (for me at least). Now that I’m actually paying to go to school I feel as if maybe a little more effort in the studying department is required. The funny thing is I studied so much for this test and still got a lower grade than I did in my of my high school exams. I really don’t want to think about what my score would be like if I didn’t spend a lot of my life studying. College exams are hard. There’s so much info you need to know and it’s near impossible to know it all sometimes. My score was around 17% points above the average. That’s good, right? I think it is. The nice thing is they usually have nice little curves to help your grades out. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt as solid about a test that isn’t English than that one. It was the first time I walked in confident to a history exam and felt I really did my absolute best on it. That’s a really good feeling to have and I just thought I’d share it.

So I guess I’ll get into this whole act of studying and such so I can enjoy good grades and all. And the feeling of accomplishment. That’s a good feeling. I’m sure not every test will go like that, but it was nice that my first one did. Maybe “prison” isn’t completely bad.


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