Picture Perfect: Album One

Alright, I need to be better about picture taking on my adventures. I figure I’d make a series out of the pictures I take where I explain what’s going on. Kind of like scrapbooking, but without the colorful, creatively cut paper.

Some of my friends from my home ward (plus Katelyn). I’m so lucky to have them here at BYU with me and I’m glad I got to see Savannah (second from left) before she went back to Florida.

Creamery ice cream is seriously the best out there. The flavors are unmatched. This is my kiddie turned single scoop of Grahm Canyon. Clever name, right?

The sun setting on the mountains while I’m at one of the women’s soccer games. I will never get over how gorgeous the light is on these mountains.

Kelsey (right), Elizabeth (left), and me (center) at one of the women’s soccer game before the big football game against UofU.

Us being cool college kids making faces at the camera. These girls are seriously amazing.

Again with the light on the mountains. I can’t help it, they leave me breathless. You definitely don’t get sights like these in Florida.

I just found this flyer highly ironic. See something wrong here? Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be going to them to find my “sucess” in life.

My folder partner, Savannah, and I before going on stage for our first college choir performance. This girl is amazing and never fails to make my day a little better each day in choir class.

My best friend Shaina and I after the choir concert. I don’t know why my eyes are opened wide, but they are. Aren’t we cute? And don’t you just love Shaina’s outfit?! I know I do.


One thought on “Picture Perfect: Album One

  1. That Weird Kid From Florida (Michael) says:

    I will be very jealous of those mountains when it starts snowing. :P

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