Not signing a check or giving your autograph. Signing as in American Sign Language (ASL). I just wanted to share a quick experience I had in ASL today. I’m taking ASL because the language is so beautiful and I just have had this desire to learn the language since my freshman year in high school. Seeing as I have to take two years of a language for my major I figured now was the perfect opportunity to take up ASL.

My ASL teacher is deaf, which I find amazing. Amazing because I’m learning the language from a native speaker and her signing is gorgeous. Have you ever watched someone sign? I can’t really describe it, but it’s simply amazing. At least to me. Getting the chance to see my teacher sign Monday-Thursday for an hour each day is pretty much the highlight of my day (I actually have many highlights, but still). It’s amazing how much of the language you can pick up without knowing much of it. And once you get some basic signs down you can start to pick up more of the language.

Anyway, today in class we had a test the first half. After the test we watched a video about deaf signers talking about their culture and how the deaf community is like their family. The video was inspiring really, watching a group of people come together and treat one another with love, even though they don’t know each other very well. And then after the video my teacher began to sign her experience with ASL and the hearing. I’ll have you know that I really didn’t know sign language before I started this class, so I’m amazed at how much I understand. Especially today. I could feel the spirit in our classroom as the teacher signed her story about growing up and how she feels about the deaf culture. I believe that through the spirit I was also able to understand so much more of her signing than I would have on my own. It was such a great experience. We also end the class in a prayer in ASL, which is definitely a spiritual highlight of the day.

I really love ASL. I feel like it’s opening a lot of doors for me. For the first time in my life I’m successful in a language that isn’t English. (ASL is NOT English. It’s its own language.) Now I feel like maybe I can learn other languages, maybe I’m not as bad at it as my high school Spanish teacher made me feel.

Time for some pictures! I’ve been really bad about posting them, but I promise I’ll make up for that now.

A statue in the Harold B. Lee Library. If I could read all day long like she does I’d be pretty much the happiest person ever.

This is my lovely dorm bed!

My friend Kelsey and I dying of heat at the 2nd football game of the season. We’ve bonded over nerdiness and fry sauce.

Go cougars!


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