10 Things I Miss

It’s been about three weeks since I left Florida, which means the EFYness of this adventure has faded. What do I mean by that? Well, for EFY you would leave for a week and then go home. BYU has felt a lot like EFY with the parties, ice cream, friends, and dorms. I’m use to a week though, not a semester. So lingering in the back of my mind is the question “when do I go home?” That’s right, I’m feeling a little homesick. It’s weird thinking that I’m not going to be home for a few months. So, to make myself feel better I’m going to make a list of the things I miss. I don’t know how exactly doing this will make me feel any less homesick, but at least when I go back home for the Christmas holiday I’ll be able to further appreciate these things.

1. My family. A cliche type thing to miss. But I really do miss them. I miss having them around, even though we don’t neccisarily talk. Just having them there constatnly made me feel better about things. Now it’s pretty much just me. Sure, there’s my roommate, but she’s not family. There’s this certain bond you have with family that really can’t be recreated. I’m definitely missing that bond more than I ever thought I would.

2. I miss my dog, Ginger. She’s the world’s best dog. No, I’m not being biased. Okay, maybe a little. Doesn’t matter. I still miss her. I miss her companionship. Even though she didn’t talk to me she was always there for me to pet, snuggle with, play with, and just be with. And she had the softest fur coat ever. I’m not exaggerating, she really does. I miss her so much I’ve had dreams about her. Of course I’ve had dreams about my family, but I never thought I’d have dreams about my dog.

3. Home cooked meals. Spaghetti, shepard’s pie, steak, and dare I say tacos (despite eating them every Sunday). Don’t get me wrong, the food in the Cannon center really isn’t that bad. I mean, there’s desert every meal if I want it. But nothing beats a home cooked meal. Knowing I have to wait until Christmas to get one is kind of heart breaking.

4. My car. I liked knowing I could go anywhere. I miss that. Now I have to plan ahead when I shop, making sure I get everything. And I haven’t been shopping in three weeks. I really want my car, just to eliminate that feeling of being trapped. Plus there are so many places I want to visit in Utah.

5. TV. I mean live TV, not Hulu. I miss the ability to record shows and watch them whenever I want and not have them taken down after a few days. I also miss watching runs of old shows like Full House, Gilmore Girls, and other shows like that that Hulu does not have.

6. The library. BYU has a really nice library, don’t get me wrong, but back home the public library would mail books to me. I wouldn’t have to go scanning the shelves for them or anything, and when my time on the waitlist was up they’d simply send me the book.

7. Water in the air. I don’t really miss the humidity, I just miss the ease that you can breathe with in Florida. I’m constantly gasping for air up here, a mile above sea level. I’ve never lived that far away from sea level. I get constant headaches from the altitude and I feel totally out of shape walking up a hill or going for a run. Thankfully I’m adjusting.

8. Along with water in the air I miss not having to use lotion. I mean it’s Florida, the air is your lotion. Here there is hardly any water in the air. My skin is constantly itchy from the dryness. I know it’s only going to get worse as we approach winter so I really should learn how to be a religious applier of lotion.

9. Chipotle. That’s right, I miss a burrito place. They don’t have one down here and I’m seriously in love with their burritos. They have Cafe Rio which is good, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not Chipotle. I like tons of rice in my burrito and Cafe Rio doesn’t do that. Needless to say when I return to Florida I will be eating a burrito from Chipotle.

10. Panera. While we’re on the subject of food, let me just say I miss this place dearly. Not only were their bagels and bread divine, but they also had scrumptious paninis, sandwiches, and soups. Thankfully we have a panini shop on campus, so I can manage. But I miss that chipotle chicken panini (apparently I like anything chipotle). And their chips. And asiago cheese bagel. And hallah bread.

There are other things I miss, but I’m limiting myself to ten. Some things are really small, some are really big. I’m still trying to accept the idea that no, this is NOT EFY and I will NOT be going home come Saturday (I need to give up this foolish idea, it’s been going on for weeks), yes, I am on my own and that means no family to drive me places (because really, it’s impractical for them to drive from Florida to take me to the Target out here), and lotion is essential to my survival now if I intend to not scratch off my skin (I’m in the denial phase of this). Even though there’s a lot I miss, there’s a lot I really love out here. Despite the stresses of school and being a little homesick I’m enjoying my time in Utah and at BYU.

(I know, I need to put up some pictures. I’ll get to that…eventually.)


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