Sunday Snippet: 2nd Edition

So, this is all about my first week at BYU. I love it so much and I can’t wait to have new adventures. Here’s to a new chapter!


I’m going to start with Sunday. This was the last day I would see my mom until I go home for Christmas. We finished organizing and fine tuning things in my dorm room. When it was time for her to leave for the airport I’ll admit, I cried. It’s sad knowing that you’re on your own now, especially with no family near by. She doesn’t think I’ll miss her, but I really will. I’ll miss all of my family. But that’s the thing about growing up, you’ve gotta go through some hard changes. I’m so lucky I had Keriann with me to keep me from feeling utterly and completely alone. Along with Shaina and Heather, who stopped by to visit for an hour.


First day all on my own. The only people in my hall where girls who were at early summer honors or a leadership conference. There was no one like me who just moved in early ’cause they could. I’m thankful my RA was there and willing to hang out with me. She took me to the Cannon Center for breakfast and even paid for me! She’s so sweet. After that I went to the library to check it out and blog a little. The library is HUGE. I mean, it’s like a palace. A beautiful, lovely castle full of books and comfy chairs. I have no idea how to find books right now, but that’s okay. It’s a great place to study and I found a little nook with fun rolling chairs that recline. For lunch my RA, Annie, took me to the Legends Grill where I had a delightful Hawaiian burger (which again, she paid for). It was strangely delicious. Who knew that pineapple, ham, beef, and some sort of sauce made a delectable burger? Happy and content with my lunch I went to my hair appointment to get my bangs trimmed. Earlier in the summer I had got side swept bangs which were cool and all, they just were getting long and I was getting bored with them. On a whim I decided I want the full package, bangs across my forehead. It wasn’t the best haircut ever, but it got the job done. My bangs look pretty good and I’m happy for the change. Now I can put my hair up and still make it look good.


Another day on my own. This time I just had a nature valley bar for breakfast, which I’m used to. All I had for breakfast in high school was a fiber one bar. I’m not really a big breakfast person; I enjoy sleeping more than eating and I’m always running late in the morning. I met another girl in my hall, Paulette. I helped her bring stuff up to her dorm. Together we dragged her duffel bags and storage containers up three flights of stairs. If that’s not bonding, I don’t know what is. I took her on a “tour” of the wilk center, bowling alley and all. The day was full of preparing myself for the day when everyone was moving in.


MOVE IN DAY! Well, for everyone else at least. For me it was waiting for my roommate to check in and move in. Paulette and I ate lunch at the Japanese bar in the CougarEat and met up with her roommate, Alexis. We got to meet her family, a super nice bunch from Idaho. They were so nice they drove us back to the dorms in their truck. Katelyn was in the room when I got back. I tried to give them some space to move in. I know when I was moving in I took over her empty side of the room because I had so much stuff. Not as much as some people, but still. Then I had to deal with my nasty feet. I have dancer’s feet. If you don’t know what those are, I’m going to spare you the detail. They’re ugly, that’s the bottom line. So Shalae and I treated ourselves to a pedicure on campus. Although they really didn’t clean up my feet well, I learned that I should probably sign up for choir auditions if I planned to do it. To make the day better I got to see my best friend Shaina again! Together we bought out the book store’s supply of hangers and went to her dorm at Heritage. One thing I like about her place, besides the kitchen, is the closet space. It’s beautiful. Way more than my two cabinet drawers. She also has a dresser. Needless to say she has way more storage then me and therefore a lot more clothes. I’m kind of jealous. I see myself going there to borrow a cute jacket or something since I don’t have much. At night they had a carnival and dance party for those in the dorms. I go the chance to meet a lot of new people I’ll probably never see again, but that’s okay. I got to hang out more with Paulette and Katelyn. We all enjoyed the dance together. Let me just say that the dances are SO different from youth ones. There are maybe one or two slow songs the whole time, the rest are party songs. It was loud and not a great place for meeting people. Still, I had fun.


New Student Orientation. That pretty much means walking. We started out with meeting our Y groups, which has people in classes of yours. We played a lot of EFY type games to try and get to know one another. I’m really bad with remembering names, so I was grateful we decided to toss a frisbee around and repeat our names each time we caught it. Definitely helped. After my Y bag disappeared (someone on campus really wanted to be Lindsey I guess) we went to the opening remarks. It was a nice little intro to the history of BYU. During lunch I had to go to round one of choir auditions. I got lost in the maze that is the performing arts building and almost missed my audition. Once I was in there I messed up sight reading. Badly. I put my old choir director to shame, and I feel kind of bad about that. We did sight reading every day during the year and I was getting pretty good at it. Then I stopped when summer came. My first time sight reading was that audition. In my defense, I didn’t realize there would be sight reading. I mean, it makes sense that there would be, I just wasn’t thinking about it. Thank goodness I’m good at tonal repeating. And I got a callback, so all was well. Free lunch made the day better, along with free creamery ice cream. Next on the schedule was a tour of the library, given by the lovely Alexa. I was really excited to see her again after the dinner we had. She did a fantastic job taking us through the labyrinth of a library. And it was in AC. Couldn’t be better. After listening to a presentation in the JSFB I had to run over to my choir audition. I decided that I wanted to try out since I love singing and the joy it brings me. What better way to experience singing than with a really good group of singers.


Another wonderful day of NSO! Thankfully I got to stay inside the Marriot center for most of it because I had done all of the walking activities before. My feet were very thankful. After throwing paper airplanes with our dreams written on them I played Swedish Twister. It’s such a fun, intense, knotty game. Not really naughty, but the pun presented itself and I went for it. Anyways, you get tangled up a lot. Let’s hope you like the people you’re playing with. Going to the presentation at the college of humanities really made me feel good about being an English major. I feel like I’m in the right place and I’m really going to enjoy the work I’ll be doing with my major. Free cookies followed the presentation, and who doesn’t like free cookies? To end the day there was a line dance party. We learned country western dancing, square dancing, random dancing, and had ice cream. BYU Creamery ice cream is seriously the best.


The first day of sleeping in since NSO began! It was a huge relief to not have to be anywhere early. I went to go see the Bourne Legacy with my friend Paulette and my roommate Katelyn. Paulette’s aunt was so nice for driving us to the movie. And her family paid for us to go. Super nice, especially since I’m a broke college kid. After the movie we headed over to the NSO finale where there were more cookies, karaoke, and the dating game. So a relaxed, fun-filled day. Never mind the stress I was undergoing because I had to teach the next day in Sunday school.


It was our first day as the 112th ward. I was excited to finally get to meet all of the people in my ward. Less excited about having to teach some of them. Our bishopric is really nice and they gave wonderful talks. My lesson didn’t go too poorly, dare I say it even went okay. I had candy, so that is always a plus. It was weird teaching though. When I think of Sunday school teachers I envision my teachers from my ward back at home. Same goes for Relief Society President. Having these callings being filled by people my own age is different, for lack of a better word. It’s a nice different though. A comfortable different. It’s definitely nice to be surrounded by members who are my age, have some of my classes, and live where I do.


That’s pretty much it. There are some details I forgot to include, but this was two weeks ago so forgive me. I don’t have the world’s greatest memory sometimes. Overall I had a good week. Meeting so many new people though has given me a slight headache. I can’t remember most of their names or where I know them from. But it’s all good, I’m meeting new people and that’s what matters.


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