Welcome to Utah

Utah, home of the people walking their dogs, smokers, and popping of the ears. At least, those are some of the things that I’ve noticed here that they do pretty often. You would think there would be a dwindling number of smokers here, but no. Apparently there is a smokers rebellion going on out here, causing people to take a stand and smoke all the time. It’s kind of disturbing. Our rental car even smells of smoke. But no matter, I’m finally in Utah. I’ve always wanted to visit, but we’ve never been able to afford it. Things are a lot more expensive when you don’t have a family member’s house you can crash at.

Before I talk about our adventures in Utah (and really, they are quite adventurous adventures), let me enlighten you on my flight to this wonderful land of mountains. I woke up at 3AM only having two nights of sleep from the night before. It had something to do with family coming over, kicking their butts at Just Dance, eating a lot of food, last minute packing, and my dog sleeping in my bed. Add those with the excitement of a trip and you pretty much get no sleep. I was running on pure adrenaline and I honestly don’t think I can do it again for some time.

At the airport I had to say goodbye to my sister and dad until Christmas. My sister’s crying almost brought me to tears. And I don’t cry often. I feel like I have to be strong or else all else is lost and I’ll be crying for hours. It was really hard to say goodbye, knowing I won’t see them again. Honestly though this whole “moving to Utah” thing really hasn’t hit me. It’s like I was flying off to a vacation. A vacation that required six hours of flying and two hours in the Vegas airport. At least I wasn’t alone; I had Keriann with me the whole flight through. My mom went with her mom on a different airline then we did. That means after our four hour flight to Vegas we were alone with all those slot machines. I thought people were exaggerating about the slots being there right as you got off, but they are not. They are there, right as you step out of the tunnel from the plane. It’s ridiculous. To make matters even worse you have to be 21 to be near the slot machines, so no pictures for us. For entertainment Keriann talked to random people. This poor guy we sat next to was forced to respond to Keriann’s constant questioning. “Why are you going to Utah? Where are you from? What do you do?” And so on and so forth. The guy got tired of being nice and said he had to go do something. I saw him walk around our circle of a terminal then walk back to our gate, standing as far away as possible from us.

After what seemed like a short flight (compared to the journey we made before) we arrived in Salt Lake City! At first I thought the mountains were painted there. It looked like it with all the smoke from the recent fires. It took driving near them to get that out of my head. The first thing we did in Utah was eat a yummy meal at Taco Bell. So yes, a burrito was my first food in Utah. But they really love their Mexican here, so I guess it’s fitting. After that we visited things in the city like the Conference Center (the auditorium was closed because they were preparing for President Monson’s birthday celebration), the two Temple visiting centers, the Joseph Smith building, and, of course, the mall. It was really nice, I love how strongly you can feel the spirit in Temple Square. The DI was the last stop we made in Salt Lake before we started to make our way to Provo. We got to see Park City, where the 2002 Winter Olympics occurred. Although the Olympic park was closed by the time we got there we still got to see the ski slopes and the “Olympic torch” which turned out to be a bell ontop of a bowling alley. Who does that? I guess people in Park City do, despite it’s weirdneess. With disappointment in the car we headed off to Provo. Well, attempted to. We kind of got lost. 17 miles lost, with low gas and a desperate need to use the restroom. We were all goinging hysterical from need of a bathroom and tiredness. Finally, after getting directions from an old western convinient store, we arrived in Orem (which is where our hotel was). A late night dinner of packaged sandwhiches from the grocery store was the end to our day. The hotel we stayed in was super nice. Indoor pool (being from Florida I was amazed they put them indoors, but it makes sense), comfy bed, spacious rooms, and free breakfast

There it is, my first day EVER in Utah. I apologize for the grammar and past tense/present tense changing constantly. Part of this I wrote on Thursday and the other part on Monday.


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