Welcome to BYU

Our second day in Utah was spent touring the campus and dorm shopping for my friend Keriann (mine was pretty much already done). Never having seen the campus before I was pretty excited. Our first stop was the Wilkinson Center, this super amazing building that has everything under the sun. Okay, not everything, but you get the picture. It’s big and lots of people go there. Not to mention it was also education week, so there were a lot of people walking around. Especially in the bookstore, which really should be called a mini-mall. Before I talk about the bookstore and its incredibleness let me go in order of events. For my sake. First thing we did was get our IDs which made me feel more like a college student. We were heading to the bookstore, but Keriann’s mom wanted to visit a friend who helped out her son before she left to go teach a class, so we ran to the Kimball Tower to meet her. She was a really sweet lady. It made me sad to know that she no longer teaches American Heritage, meaning I can’t have her as a teacher. Oh well.

Now the bookstore. I could go on and on and on and on about that place. I love it. It’s big and convenient and has so much. Yeah, some of it is overpriced, but for a girl with no car who can’t get to a lot of places it’s great. Sadly I didn’t get much time to look around because we went to get textbooks. My first time textbook shopping. I’d like to say it was fun, but it really wasn’t that great. You print out a list, you find the book on a shelf, you cry when you see the price. It still took a long time because I wanted to get the best quality used books. Preferably with no writing/highlighting and in pretty good shape. Other people’s writing and highlighting bothers me. I inherited that trait from my mom. Checking out was painful because we saw the total of all the books. It hurt. Thankfully they let you put it on your student account and pay it back in 45 days. If not I would have shed a tear or something.

To make ourselves feel better about how much money we just lost to paper and cardboard we went to lunch. The CougarEat had a lot of yummy choices, making me very happy. It’s good to know I’ll have a variety of things to choose for meals. To make us even more happy we visited the bowling alley. Who knew they had a bowling alley? Not me. I was amazed it fit in the building. When I heard about it I had to really see it to believe it. I also got to see my first friend on campus there while they were working. It’s really nice knowing people beforehand, makes moving away from home a little less sad.

Shopping time! Before we went to dinner with friends we explored the University Mall. It was great, even though we didn’t have time to walk through it. We visited two stores, Downeast Basics and Mikarose. These stores get me really excited because they have clothes that are modest. I don’t have to worry about falling in love with a dress or skirt that’s too short. You don’t find that in Florida. I went modest skirt shopping happy, although Keriann went way more and got $200+ worth of clothes. The funny thing was that we went to one of the stores, Mikarose, for me to get a dress I had fallen in love with at the bookstore and I ended up not getting it because they didn’t have my size. But Keriann and her cousin got it. I guess I’ll get my dress in time.

The adventure of the day continued with dinner at Red Lobster. We met up with Sara, Alexa, and her boyfriend Jordan. Sara and Alexa are from my ward back in Florida. It was so nice to see them and enjoy their company at dinner. We had the oddest conversations full of laughing and loudness which earned us many stares from the people in our area. I’m sure when we left they were all celebrating.

As if the day weren’t crazy packed enough we went dorm shopping for Keriann at Walmart. I got some storage, but it was mainly for her. She had band camp the next day and wouldn’t be out until 10 PM, which would not give her enough time to shop and start moving into her room. So off to Walmart we went. Let it be known I despise Walmart. I know, the prices are usually good and it’s convenient, but I don’t care. It’s messy, crazy, always crowded, and stressful. The place brings out the worst in people. My consolation for shopping there and being patient was the Hunger Games movie. Right at midnight I grabbed that movie and ran. I figured if we were there until 11:50 we might as well wait the 10 extra minutes to get the movie.

That’s aall we could cram into a day. I was exhausted after. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep once we got back to the hotel.


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