Universal/IOA For the Last Time

Probably not the last time of my life, but the last time for a while. Moving to Utah does have some disadvantages, one being that I will no longer live near theme parks. So when I went to Universal for the last time I had to be sure to make it count. That means all of my favorite rides, butterbeer, and riding the new Despicable Me ride (which I stood in line 80 minutes for).

The day began with Harry Potter, and really any day that starts with that can’t be bad. I feel pretty good about myself going on the Harry Potter ride because I open my eyes the entire time. Sure, I kind of squint them open when the dementors come, but hey, it still counts (and those things are seriously freaky and all up in your face). If I could ride Dueling Dragons all day I probably would. But no longer do the dragons duel, so the ride has been reduced slightly in fun. No matter, I still love it. My Titi Wanda then said that if we wanted butterbeer we had to get it then. But one simply does not drink butterbeer in the morning. I’ve done that before and it did not go well. Ask Shaina. With my amazing persuasive skills and stubbornness I was able to sway her to coming back later to get the butterbeer. I just had to go through Dr. Seuss land with them. If you didn’t know I inherited my mom’s distaste for anything Dr. Seuss, so this part of the park isn’t my favorite. But I endured and got wet on the flying fish ride. We continued through the park visiting the Hulk and Spiderman and avoiding Jurassic Park like the plague (at least I was, I’m not a fan of that ride).

My cousin Manuel and I in our lovely Spiderman ride glasses. Yeah, we’re cool.

Marisol and I on the One Fish, Two Fish ride before getting wet. There’s no winning in that ride, you get wet whether you listen to their instructions or not.

The adventure continued to Universal. I had a yummy bacon burger that fueled me for the rest of the adventure. I rode The Mummy with my cousin Manuel and opened my eyes during the entire time. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like it’s an important accomplishment or anything, but to me it is. I have always shut my eyes tightly during that ride, the commercials making it out to be a fiery pit of Egyptian curses and crawling bugs. Turns out what I imagined in my head was a lot worse than it actually is. In fact, it’s laughable. I felt quite lame walking off of the ride knowing I’ve been closing my eyes for years. No matter, I conquered my fear and that’s what I’m proud of. On the Rip, Roar, and Rock It roller coaster I jammed out to a “hidden” bonus song by Muse. I felt quite special knowing that I was in on a little secret. The moment I will probably always remember (besides overcoming my fear) was going to the Barney show. Lame, I know. Let it be known that it was NOT my idea to go see this show. It was all my titi Wanda, with encouragement from my cousin Marisol. They sang during the entire show. The sad thing was I remembered every song that they sang in the show. I guess it’s from my childhood obsession with Barney and refusing to watch anything that wasn’t Barney. I’ll have you know I’ve progressed from that stage of my life and I accept all kinds of TV shows, not just ones with singing mythical beings. After this lovely show we headed over to Men In Black, a shooter type game where you compete with the people in your vehicle to get the highest alien killer score. I’m proud to say that I was the top scorer in our car. That’s right, the youngest one beat everyone, including my cousin who is a video game addict.

That’s right, I’m a pro. Okay, not really. Just slightly better than average.

After kicking all of their butts we went to wait in the very long line to the Despicable Me ride that ended up replacing the Jimmy Newtron ride. It was a really cute ride, even though it gave me a headache because we were so close to the screen. But who doesn’t love those three adorable cartoon girls? Sadly there was no fluffy unicorn in the ride, but they had one for sale in the shop after the ride.

“It’s so fluffy!”

To end our day we walked back to IOA to obtain my butterbeer. I also frivolously spent money on a tshirt and key chain. I’ve gotta show those people at BYU how “cultured” I am. The butterbeer was very good, as always. It was a great way to end a wonderful day. I had a lot of fun, spending time with my cousins. We don’t get to do that too often anymore and I kind of miss it. We’re a fun bunch who likes to be sarcastic and banter. It’s really great. I’m going to miss them a lot when I move out to Utah, but I look forward to all the stories we’ll be able to share when I come back for Christmas.


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