Flashback Friday: Good Times At Grandma’s House

Since I’m out at the beach spending a wonderful vacation with my family I thought I should reflect on a family memory. I’ve had a lot of them. Living a max of thirty minutes from most of my family I get to see them a lot. Which I really like because that means that I got to grow up with them constantly in my life. That means I have a lot of various memories with them, making this hard to choose which one to reflect upon.

I think I’ll go with a generalish memory. When I was younger both of my parents worked. Not that they don’t both work now, but my dad works from home and my mom’s a teacher, so things are different. This meant that I would need to be watched seeing as I was three and incapable of taking care of myself.  Therefore (transition word) I was sent off to my abuela’s house (yes, I’m hispanic so I call my grandma on my mom’s side my abuela). I really can’t pinpoint an exact year, but I spent many days at her house playing dolls, pretending to be an artist, hoping the fence to go to the park (though my abuelo built a little gate for me), pretending to be a mermaid, and running around in their big backyard.  My abuela would cook for me every night yummy food of my choosing. My favorites being rice and beans, rice and cornbeef, and mac&cheese. She also made little dresses for my barbie dolls. Yeah, really amazing times. My titi Mayra would also play with me, despite her better judgement. I’m pretty sure I was a child who liked to change my mind a lot. I also always wanted to play board games whose rules I wished to disregard completely. There was this one Arther library book game that I had with little cardboard books. I don’t think I ever played that game by the rules. I’d always play with the books, sorting them and doing various things with them that weren’t part of the game.

These are just a few things I did during my good times at grandma’s house. There are plenty more that I’m  sure I would eventually recall if I were to give it all my mental energy. Maybe one day I’ll write them down. But that day is not today. For now it will just be about dolls, food, and being a boardgame rebel.


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