Sunday Snippet: 1st Edition

In order to make sure I write on this blog I have decided to add a new series! Sunday Snippets will be posted on Sunday. I’ll go through the highlights of my week because let’s face it, I don’t have something terribly exciting happening to me every minute of my life.

Put possible summary of week here.


Monday was just a normal day full of Olympic viewing and couch sitting. Pretty lazy day. It’s crazy how into the Olympics my mom, sister, and I are this year. Four years ago I think I watched the Opening Ceremony and some gymnastics stuff. That’s really it. This year it’s always on our TV in the family room. Anybody who sits out there is forced to listen to the Olympics. It’s like the unspoken rule. If NBC is playing the Olympics we’re watching it. It’s really brought us together in an odd way. We talk about it, we watch it, we cheer.


To start my Tuesday out I woke up early (for summer) to take my titi to the Cancer Center for a doctor’s appointment. Last one I took her to took over two hours, so I wasn’t exactly excited to go. Doctor’s offices are no fun, especially when you have to sit there and stare at their overly cheery walls and plastic models of arteries and hearts. But this time was different. We were in and out in a decent amount of time. After that we went to my abuela’s house to work on decorations for a young woman’s event my titi was planning. The person who was supposed to help her got sick and no one was able to help last minute, so I said I would. We inflated floats that were hobbit sized, ripped paper, and threw shells artistically on the ground. In the end the room turned out pretty cute and only took an hour to set up. I hope the girls had fun.

With a few beach items we turned the young woman’s room into a little private beach, complete with a hobbit sized float in the water.

After that I went to the school my mom works at to help her set up her classroom. It’s kind of my fault she will miss a few days of preplanning because she’ll be in Utah with me. I figured I could spare a few hours to help her set up. I think we got a lot done, and her classroom looks great.


Getting up at 5 AM is something I thought I left behind when I graduated seminary. I guess not. Why was I up this early? I had to drive my mom to the hospital to have her kidney stone surgery. Most of my time in the waiting room was spent finishing up my girls’ camp blog {which can be found here} and watching the Olympics. Her surgery went well and the surgeon was happy with how her stones broke. One thing I learned is that my mom and I are the same when we’re drugged up. We’re overly honest with everything. When I came home from lunch with my dad, which was some yummy sushi, I rented a movie from Redbox to watch with my mom. I picked Mirror Mirror, remembering her saying she would see it if it was on, but she wasn’t dying to see it. So I figured it would be a good movie that would keep her entertained, but that she wouldn’t feel bad falling asleep in the middle of the movie. Turns out she really liked it and had to keep shifting on the couch in order to stay up during the entire movie. While she was doing that I was sipping on root beer and eating some yummy cookie dough bites.

Here’s the lovely breakfast I got from the hospital. I couldn’t stomach it all so I threw it away. They need to work on their overpriced oatmeal making skills.


On Thursday I spent my last day in Florida with my friend Kinsey. We went to see Step Up Revolution, which was such a good movie. Maybe not plot wise or special FX or whatever, but the dances were killer. I totally wish flash mobbing were a legal occupation. After sneaking contraband ice cream sandwiches into the theater we hung out to her house and battled with temperamental WiFi. We are not savvy with computers seeing as her dad fixed it in less than a minute as opposed to our twenty. Then I went to go spend the night at my cousin’s apartment so that I wouldn’t have to get up as early for Universal the next day. I think we stayed up until 1 AM watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Yeah, no life.


Before I leave Florida my Titi Wanda and cousins Manuel and Marisol took me to Universal/Islands of Adventure. It was really great to spend time with my family and it was a fun day full of magic, moving robotics, and walking. (I have a whole blog on this affair that will be posted soon.)


I slept. A lot. Two late/long days in a row took their toll on me. After sleeping I went clothes shopping with my mom. I have to update my wardrobe before college starts. It’s just that time where I’ve worn out all of my clothes or they don’t fit anymore. It’s been a process, but I’m finally starting to get somewhere. Later that night was Keriann’s going away party. It’s the first party I’ve arrived to on time. Too bad everyone else was like an hour late. It was my last night with Keriann and Mason, two people I’ve grown up with. I’d like to say I remember being in nursery with those two, but I don’t really have memories from when I was a toddler. I also got to see my friend from elementary school for the last time. He’s such an awesome kid who’s going places in the world. Once most people were gone we played Just Dance (and I dominated). When it was just Mason, Keriann, and I we watched (and sang with and quoted) Tangled. It was a good day full of new beginnings and last goodbyes.


It was Mason’s last day in Florida. It was definitely hard to say goodbye to someone I’ve known for so long. It really didn’t start to hit me until then that we’re all doing this, going off to college and beginning the next chapter of our lives. Scary stuff. Which also meant that I realized I needed to get packing. While packing I received a call from Shaina. So we packed and talked, eventually moving to Skype so we wouldn’t have to skillfully hold a phone with our shoulder.

My summer and time in Florida is coming to an end. I’ve been trying to cram in a lot before I leave. It’s so weird, thinking that I won’t be here. It’s just now hitting me that no, college is NOT in Florida and I will NOT have my family around. I’m just grateful that I know a good handful of people out at BYU. I’ll definitely be depending on them to be my family because I won’t have family out there.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet: 1st Edition

  1. Alexa Slaughter says:

    When are you heading out to Utah? Can’t wait!

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