30 Days: Day 5: Five Things

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

This one is seriously hard and the answers are ever changing, but I guess that’s why the question says “right now” as opposed to “in your entire life.”

1. My family. They crack me up, make me roll my eyes, and don’t judge my sometimes very crazy behavior. It’s hard for me, knowing that I’ll be leaving them in three weeks. I’m so glad I have gotten to live so close to them for eighteen years and I will definitely miss them when I move.

2. Books. I don’t even know how to describe the joy I get when reading.

3. Music. My life has revolved around it and I love it. I love creating it, listening to it, doing yoga with it, its existence.

4. Peanut butter. I swear it goes with anything. It’s so yummy and delicious.

5. College. Knowing I’m going has gotten me really excited.  I know, who gets excited for school? But this is different. It’s a new state, new people, and a new adventure. I’m super stoked.

Those are the first five things that came to me. There’s plenty more, which I would ramble on and on about were it not for the question saying only five.


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