The No Judging Weekend

On Friday, June 29th, I embarked on a journey to my first concert. I know, I’m eighteen and I’ve never been to a concert. (I don’t really count the So You Think You Can Dance Concert because it wasn’t live music, though it was still amazing.) I was the one driving us to Tampa in my lovely little car. Normally it takes around two hours to get to Tampa, but we forgot to account for the Tampa traffic we would run into. It probably could have been avoided if we knew the area, but we were hungry and the only place my GPS really knew how to get to were things in the city. Guess it’s time for me to update the maps. So thirty minutes later in Tampa traffic we arrive at Panera Bread (it really should have only taken five minutes). There’s nothing like going to a place you love back at home. It had such a homey feel, even if we were only two hours away from home it made me feel better. Then it was off to the concert. We thought we were making amazing time. We left an hour early, we’d eaten dinner, and there was no more traffic. Perfect, right? Wrong. We ended up sitting on the exit ramp for a good 45 minutes, causing us to miss the first opening act (which really wasn’t that good anyways), and to get a little fender bender. But it ended up working out really well. We got decent parking, we heard a good second act, and most importantly, we didn’t miss the main act. The concert was seriously great. I had to get used to the screaming fan girls and not knowing what the first song was, but as the night wore on their little obnoxious shrills died down and I was able to enjoy some good music and really cute British boys.

Instead of staying at a hotel or driving another two hours home at midnight we got to spend the night at one of my friend’s grandparent’s house who live in Clearwater. Which meant the next morning we were able to leisurely get up and enjoy the beach. To say it’s the most crowded beach I’ve ever seen is an understatement. I’m use to Cocoa beach where there are a lot of people, but still plenty of room. Not in Clearwater. Your packed like sardines on the sand. Add a broken umbrella that likes to fly away with the wind and you can picture us at the beach. Despite these things it was still really fun. The water was WAY clearer than Cocoa (I could actually see my feet) and we learned that I do not have disc throwing skills. Guess that’s something I need to work on. One thing I loved was the little pier fair they were having. Every weekend they have local crafters come and set up tables and sell their totally awesome crafts. It was nice to walk along the pier and look at all of the really cool things people make. So much talent right there. It was a perfect ending to a pretty amazing beach day.

Later when we got home we rented a totally girly movie that had guys with accents and ate custard. The next morning when we woke up one of my friend’s looked like a cute little lobster, I had a cold, and my other friend wasn’t feeling so well. So you can imagine how cute we looked walking into the Tampa singles ward. But I’m glad we got to visit the ward because I got to reconnect with one of my friends from EFY who just got back from his mission. The drive home consisted of eating the world’s largest marshmallows. Seriously, these things are huge. 22 bites later and I finally finished mine.

I know what you’re wondering, “what does any of this have to do with no judging?” I’ll tell you. We did some pretty crazy things over the span of three days. One of us looked like they had been cooked, another sounded like a man, one was sick, and other things. We kept saying “no judging” because really, the things we did were judgeable (as crazy). With “no judging” we felt more like we could be our crazy selves, and it made for a great inside joke.


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