Another Monday

Yes, another Monday. But not just any ordinary Monday. Stoplight Monday. What does that even mean? It means people dressed up in stoplight colors at school today. It’s all part of spring fling dance week because our prom is this Saturday. So you may be wondering, why does this even matter? It doesn’t. Not really. But I’m going to talk about it anyways. I mentioned that we are supposed to wear colors that are found on a stoplight, but I haven’t yet told you what the colors mean. If you can believe it they mean different things about your relationship status. Green is single, yellow means you’re talking to someone, and red means you’re taken. First of all, what does “talking to someone” even mean? I talk to people all of the time, does that mean I have to wear yellow? I find it pointless, but nevertheless it still occurs at our school at least once a year. I’ll bet you’re wondering what color I was wearing. The answer to that is all and none. That’s right, I wore my Harry Potter shirt. Now before you call me a genius know that I totally forgot it was any sort of special clothing day at school. It wasn’t until someone brought it up in first period that I even realized it. Not that I would have participated if I had known. To me this day is pointless because WHO CARES. This may be me being bitter, but I’ve never had a taste for this day. Even if I was “taken” I don’t think I’d be comfortable flaunting it with my red shirt. It’s just an easy way for people to judge you based off of the color of your shirt. Why give them that satisfaction? I seriously wish they did pajama day instead. Everybody loves pajamas.

My shirt for stoplight day at my school.

Now that I’m done with my rant let me move on to more important stuff. Like life. Yea, let me go on about life. You know what was just brought up to my attention? Fourteen more days until my first AP Exam. For those of you who don’t know AP classes are college level courses you have the option of taking through out your years in high school and they can earn you college credit. The catch is that you have to pass this stupidly (yes, stupidly) hard exam at the end of the year and get a minimum of three to be deemed worthy of the credit. So really this exam is a big deal. And some courses you need to get higher than a three to get class credit. Why put yourself through this you may ask? Simple. I don’t like honors classes. I’ve never been one for busy work and to me that’s all that honors classes are. I’d rather do long, thought-provoking assignments that make me a better person than fill out a waste of paper worksheet about plot structure for the umpteenth time. I refuse to do that. That’s why this year it was AP all the way or nothing. Now don’t go thinking that I took seven AP classes. That’s just signing a death wish. No, I took four. The rest of my classes are my music classes and student assistant. I find my schedule to be very balanced and manageable. If I only didn’t bite off more than I can chew with online courses all would be well. But whatever, we learn from our mistakes. But yea, fourteen more days until exams. Half of my exams are easy, but is it bad that I want that coveted five? So that means I have to study, and we all know I’m horrid at doing that (well maybe not all of us, but I know it). On top of that I have a band concert tomorrow night and I don’t know what we’re playing, my senior picture CD is being moody, the song I wanted to sing in choir didn’t get picked, and I almost drank expired milk this morning. Okay, some of those were really stupid but still, it matters! In the end it all adds up! Let’s just add the stupidity of stoplight day and it makes for what my Monday was. There were glimmers of hope today though. Like the fact I don’t have to prepare a clarinet and cello audition as a senior gift. That means I don’t have to spend my time practicing those dreaded scales and I can spend time doing things I enjoy, like reading books! (Or you know, if I was good, working on my photography class.)

One more thing I want to touch on. Journal writing. Obviously this is a new blog. Yes I know, this isn’t my first blog and I’ve tried to start many but still. I feel like I shouldn’t give up. The message has hit me hard and I hear it loud and clear. Yesterday at church it came up in one of those journal writing/family records/make your mark on history lessons. What I really got from it is how upset I was about the people in the book of Omni and how horrible of an account some of them kept. All they told me was that they held the book. Hooray…they lived for two-hundred some years and that’s all they wrote. One even said he had nothing of importance to say. Well it is important, important to me! It didn’t bother me before, but now it does. I want to know all of the things that went on at that time. What the people were like, what they did, the color of their shoes, anything. It’s a lesson to all of us to keep better records of our lives or people are going to remember us as the girl/boy who wrote nothing. Our children will be angry, their children will be unhappy, and the children of their children will think us to be lazy, selfish beings who couldn’t take the time out of our day to write nonsense about ourselves. If that wasn’t enough to make me think about journal writing today our sub in AP Literature was going on and on and on about the importance of writing in a journal. For a second I thought I was in church or a youth discussion listening to the lesson we’ve all heard. But there’s a reason for that. Journals are important. Later in life we’ll be able to pull them out and laugh at ourselves for how silly we sounded and mock what we found important. Life will be all good. Here’s my plug; write in a journal, blog, take pictures, do something. Life’s too short. Cliche, but true. No matter how much we tell ourselves we’ll remember the moment forever we’re not going to. Our poor little brains can’t remember that and still have room for the to-do list and jumble of thoughts. Give your brain a break and journal. And who knows, maybe you’ll become famous and people will pay money to read your journal or quote it. You never know. It could definitely happen. Just like I know right now everyone wants to go quote me on the things I said about stoplight day. It could happen.


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